IP over wireless ATM

Fankhauser, George; Hadjiefthymiades, Stathes; Nikaein, Neda; Stacey, Lorraine
WAND Documents : ACTS Magic WAND Public Report, August 1998

The rapid evolution of Internet services has created a strong need for broadband networks with high data rates and support for quality of service, which users can access in a wireless environment. This deliverable describes how the WAND broadband radio technology can be modified to support best effort and real-time unicast and multicast Internet applications in a wireless environment. The document proposes an IPv6 based network architecture in which time critical IP packet streams are transmitted with higher QoS priorities. Current WAND control signalling is replaced with a light-weight alternative. By default all traffic is carried as best effort data. A mobility enhanced router is described which identifies IP flows that should receive higher priority service, and marks the packets accordingly. This enables the radio link to provide the appropriate QoS to each packet stream. The proposed system supports both unicast and multicast applications, via a centralised multicast group management function performed by the mobility enhanced router. The proposed wireless broadband IP system offers mobility both within a wireless IP subnet and between different IP subnets.

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