Analysis of low complexity max log MAP detector and MMSE detector for interference suppression in correlated fading

Ghaffar, Rizwan; Knopp, Raymond
GLOBECOM 2009, IEEE Global Communications Conference, November 30-December 4, 2009, Hawai, USA

Performance of future wireless communication systems being interference limited, researchers are focusing on interference alignment, interference mitigation and interference suppression to diminish, manage or exploit these interferers. In this paper, we carry out the performance analysis of the recently proposed low complexity max log MAP detector and linear MMSE detector for interference suppression under the realistic conditions of correlated fading in cellular environment. We assume only receive correlation as base stations (BSs) due to their extended separation are likely to be uncorrelated. However the intricacy of realizing requisite antenna spacing in the mobile station (MS) combined with the lack of scattering would instigate the individual antennas at MS to be correlated. Employing moment generating function (MGF)-based approach, we derive upper bounds of coded pairwise error probability (PEP) and study the degrading effect of correlation on both the detectors.

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