Wireless hybrid enhanced mobile radio estimators - WHERE

Plass, Simon;Raulefs, Ronald;Fleury, Bernard; Alvarez, Alvaro;Denis, Benoît;Slock, Dirk T M;Lostanlen, Yves;Uguen, Bernard; Rodriguez, Jonathan;Castelain, Damien; Stavrou, Stavros; Hoshyar, Reza; Casajus-Quiros, Javier; Krzymien, Witold A; Ping, Li
ICT-Mobile Summit 2008, ICT Mobile and Wireless Communications Summit, June 10-12, 2008, Stockholm, Sweden







Wireless communications and navigation have different constraints to


cope with. On the one hand, communication systems traditionally aim at high


spectral efficiency with specific requirements such as low latency and low power


consumption. On the other hand, navigation is usually based on the transmission of


known data signals at low data rates with fine synchronization capabilities for


efficient signal acquisition and tracking. The ICT project WHERE (Wireless Hybrid


Enhanced Mobile Radio Estimators) will focus on exploiting the positioning


information to enhance communications -and vice versa- within heterogeneous


and/or cooperative wireless systems. The paper gives an overview and outlines the


upcoming goals of the FP7-ICT project WHERE. The WHERE project is an ICT


STREP project involving 14 partners. It started in January 2008, for a duration of 30



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