Performance analysis of preconditioned iterative inter-carrier interference cancellation for OFDM

Ancora, Andrea; Montalbano, Giuseppe; Slock, Dirk T M
ICC 2010, IEEE International Conference on Communications, 23-27 May, 2010, Cape Town, South Africa

The performance of the classical low complexity OFDM detection is known to rapidly degrade with the raising of inter-carrier interference in the presence of fast time-varying channels. Advanced equalization techniques to mitigate the impact of the inter-carrier interference under those circumstances, generally involve significantly higher complexity. In this paper we address a class of reduced-complexity fast-converging iterative equalization algorithms yielding nearly-optimal performance with respect to other well-known methods. The complexity is optimized by suitable pre-conditioning in order to drastically reduce the number of required iterations necessary to achieve reliable signal detection. A detailed analysis supported by numerical results under realistic scenarios shows the nearly-optimal performance achievable by the proposed techniques with a very limited complexity, when comparing with classical zero-forcing and minimum-mean square error linear equalization.

Cape Town
Systèmes de Communication
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