Increasing public safety communications interoperability : The chorist broadband and wideband rapidly deployable systems

Aiache, Hervé; Knopp, Raymond; Koufos, Konstantinos; Salovuori, Heikki; Simon, Patrice
ICC 2009, IEEE International Conference on Communications, June 14-18, 2009, Dresden, Germany

The rapidly deployable and interoperable systems, developed under the frame of the CHORIST project, allow rescue teams' activities by enabling them to remotely converse, receive instructions and transmit their feedback, both within the incident area and towards the control room. They provide the public safety users with two interoperable solutions: a Broadband PMR system based on the design of a new broadband air interface forming an inter-vehicular mobile core network and a Wideband PMR system consisting of a TEDS cell which can be deployed alone, or as an overlay to a TETRA cell. This paper provides an overview on the design, the implementation and the demonstration of these preoperational version of emergency field telecommunication systems, with special focus on fast deployment and interoperability capabilities.

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