A MIMO broadcast strategy and interference cancellation in single frequency cellular system

Ghaffar, Rizwan;Knopp, Raymond
COST 2100, 1st Workshop on MIMO and Cooperative Communications, June 3-4, 2008, Trondheim, Norway

In this paper we consider channel coding for dual spatial streams with unequal error protection (UEP) for the objectives of prioritized handling of data in MIMO broadcast systems and interference cancellation in cellular networks. We present a broadcast strategy based on UEP for the dual-stream MIMO system which incorporates two levels of performance. The techniques presented here can be applicable to broadcast/ multicast services in next generation cellular networks (e.g. Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service i.e. MBMS).We focus on high spectral efficiency bit interleaved coded modulation (BICM) MIMO OFDM system where two independently coded spatial streams of symbols are simultaneously transmitted by an antenna array using antenna cycling. In some sense, the receiver then views a multiple access channel (MAC) and consequently the reception is based on successive interference cancellation (SIC). The two spatial streams have different rates and the reliably decoded information rate depends on the state of the channel which is determined by monitoring the received signal to noise ratio. The limited adaptability of the system helps gear up to a higher data rate as channel conditions improve without any adjustment at the transmitter. Standard receiver solutions for such schemes employ sub-optimal linear minimum mean square error (MMSE) successive stripping decoders. We use the newly proposed low complexity near optimal demodulator which is based on match filter outputs. We further extend this idea of dual data streams with UEP in MIMO systems to intracell interference cancellation at mobile station for single frequency reuse cellular networks.

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