Optimal precoding and MMSE receiver designsfor MIMO WCDMA

Shenoy, Shakti Prasad;Ghauri, Irfan;Slock, Dirk T M
VTC Spring 2008, IEEE 67th Vehicular Technology Conference, May 11-14, 2008, Singapore

2×2 unitary precoding based on receiver feedback is applied alongside spatial multiplexing at the base station in HSDPA (D-TxAA) when the mobile terminal supports MIMO transmissios [1]. This precoding will influence achievable sumrate of the MIMO channel if it influences the Signal-to- Interference-plus-Noise Ratio (SINR) of streams at the receiver (RX) output. We propose a set of MIMO HSDPA receivers, all based upon a LMMSE chip-level matrix filter (equalizer) front end, and introduce the notion of joint bias for the MIMO chip equalizer. Statistical properties of the spatial model thus obtained are exploited to analyze the performance of proposed MIMO receivers. It is shown that precoding choice depends upon the MIMO receiver and the extent of its impact depends on the MIMO RX.

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