Improving ad hoc networks capacity and connectivity using dynamic blind beamforming

Fawaz, Nadia;Beyaztas, Zafer;Debbah, Merouane;Gesbert, David
VTC Spring 2008, IEEE 67th Vehicular Technology Conference, May 11–14, 2008, Singapore

We propose a dynamic blind beamforming scheme which allows to benefit from antenna directivity in large mobile ad hoc networks while avoiding heavy feedback to track mobile nodes localization. By orienting its directional antenna successively in all directions, a source surely but blindly hits its destination without knowing its exact position. Performance is analyzed in terms of total network throughput and connectivity and the optimal number of rotations allowing to maximize performance is shown to result from a trade-off between delay and improvements in terms of interference. In large ad hoc networks, known to be interference limited, we show that dynamic blind beamforming can outperform omnidirectional transmissions both in terms of capacity and connectivity.

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