Wireless bandwidth aggregation and load balancing in multi-homed NEMO

Nguyen, Huu Nghia;Bonnet, Christian
Broadband Europe 2007, December 3-6, 2007, Antwerp, Belgium

This paper envisages Network Mobility (NEMO) in a multi-homing context that can provide aggregated wireless bandwidth and load balancing features to multi-homed Mobile Networks. A multi-interface Mobile Router can use policy and filter information to look up the best binding per session, per flow, or per packet to get access to the Internet via multiple radio interfaces simultaneously. In NEMO, per-flow forwarding with IP tunneling has certain limitations; per-packet forwarding is a promising alternative approach. To achieve this approach, we propose a new tunneling method which is based on a modification of Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) and its extensions, referred to as virtual SCTP tunneling. The new tunneling method allows multiple endpoint addresses and can multiplex packets to multiple radio interfaces for a better performance in NEMO. Moreover, it reduces the tunneling overhead over radio interfaces in heavy-load situation thanks to the packet bundling feature. We carry out the simulation in the multi-homing context under ns2 and observe different metrics, e.g., throughput and packet loss rate seen by the wireless network, and the average end-to-end delay seen by Local Fixed Nodes. It is shown that the per-packet approach using virtual SCTP tunneling is advantageous over the per-flow approach using flow binding and IP tunneling, especially in heavy-load situation.

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