Toward recognizing individual's subjective emotion from physiological signals in practical application

Villon, Olivier;Lisetti, Christine Laetitia
CBMS 2007, 20th IEEE International Symposium on computer-based medical systems, June 20-22, 2007, Maribor, Slovenia

During last decade, an increasing interest for interpreting users' emotional subjective
experience on the basis of physiological signals has led to various approaches. In this article,
we focus on two different approaches toward emotion recognition : (1) the user-dependency
of psycho-physiological data collected (i.e. do we choose to keep track of the specificity of
individuals' responses or do we ignore such specificity), and (2) the degree of subjectivity
of the stimuli used to elicit emotions (i.e. stimuli with high level of agreement in terms
of what emotional experience they elicit among a population can be chosen versus stimuli
without such an agreement). In order to assess the implications of adopting one of these
methodologies on the personalization of emotion recognition from physiological signals we
present our empirical results for emotion recognition from physiological signals based on an
experiment involving 40 subjects. We conclude by proposing requirements for any chosen
approach to achieve suitable online emotion recognition, in an out-of-the-lab context (e.g.
interactive art, e-Health application).

Data Science
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