Designing cooperative media-integrated mobile applications

Muhlhauser, Max; Mérialdo, Bernard; Gellersen, Hans-Werner; Frick, Oliver; Gessler, Stefan

We believe that the trend towards cooperative applications is interwoven with trends towards both multimedia and mobile computing and with the trend towards integrated software solutions. This means that the design and development of cooperative applications should be treated in a larger context: the design and development of "customized enterprise-wide cooperative media-integrated (i.e. multimedia and multimodal) mobile applications" -- advanced cooperative applications for short. In our paper, we will motivate the importance of such a holistic approach and introduce a design framework for advanced cooperative applications, called Items. This design framework draws from the ideas of scenario-based design and offers five interrelated view types for describing an advanced cooperative application at different levels of detail and from different perspectives. The cooperation-related view types will be emphasized in the paper. Items represents work in progress.

Data Science
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