Eigen-mode/singular-modecharacteristics and capacity of the propagation channel

Menouni Hayar, Aawatif;de Lacerda Neto, Raul Liberato;Debbah, Merouane;Fleury, Bernard H
Newcom report ProjectB/WPRB1/DRB2.4, September 2006

This report provides a description of the work performed in a joint activity involving the partners Eurecom and Aalborg University. The aim of the work was to investigate the eigen-mode/singular-mode characteristics and capacity of the propagation channel. These investigations were conducted by theoretical investigations combined with experimental study. The experimental study aimed at extracting the above information from measurement data. In the theoretical study, the information were gathered by means of theoretical analysis using the stochastic models derived within the framework of the joint work planned in WPRB1. The theoretical and experimental results are then compared. The expected outcome of this methodology was twofold: (1) a better understanding of the propagation mechanisms that boost or annihilate the number of channel degrees of freedom and the capacity of the propagation channel and (2) a validation of the above stochastic model regarding its ability to reproduce eigen-mode/singular-mode characteristics and capacity close to those observed in a real world scenario.

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