Transmission and reception diversity process for wireless communications

Hernandez, Marco;Nussbaum, Dominique
Patent N°EP1447934

A process for transmitting and receiving information through a wireless communication channel comprising the steps of: receiving a stream of databits of a given data rate applying one unique encoder for creating a set of U substreams of the same data rate than said stream of data bits; modulating each of said substreams in accordance with a modulation scheme; and transmitting each of said U substreams to one different transmission antennas. Preferrably, the U substreams are interleaved and randomly spreaded. In the receiver, the received signal is processed by means of a front-end matched filter in order to generate a first statistics of the said U sub-streams. There is then applied a controllable iterative interference cancellation process in order to suppress ISI and Self-MAI from said first statistics and, for each of the U sub-streams, deinterleaving and applying a parallel to serial processing. The serialized data stream is then input to a decoder, such as a Viterbi decoder, and a feedback loop regenerating U sub-streams is used to control the interference cancellor.

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