Process for regulating the traffic of an ad hoc network

Knopp, Raymond;Nikaein, Navid
Patent N°EP1638265

Process for controlling the traffic of an adhoc wireless network including a plurality of nodes directly communicating with each other without the need of any access point comprising: establishing at least one regulator within said wireless network for the control of a Time Division Multiplex Access (TDMA) with a TDMA frame including: a first field (BCH) including a synchronization signal (REG SYNC) generated by the regulator and being broadcasted and further including slot allocation control information; a second field (MCH) including measurements information generated by the nodes; a third field (SACH) serving for the direct communication between two nodes, said third field being arranged in a plurality of slots with each slot defining temporal resource allocation; computing within said regulator said MCH and deriving therefrom slot allocation control information to be inserted within said first field (BCH), thereby providing a first level of traffic control; computing within each particular node said BCH field and deriving therefrom transmission opportunities assigned to one particular node, said node keeping possibilities of control of sub-allocation of the transmission resources to different flows of data, thereby providing a second level of control of the traffic.

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