An early application of SCTP/mSCTP for multihomingin netLMM

Nguyen, Huu Nghia; Bonnet, Christian
Research report RR-06-175

This document briefly describes the localized mobility problem and the current edge-based solution of IETF, the NETLMM architecture. We implemented a simplified version of NETLMM under ns2, in which, we tried to integrate the multi-homing feature with the use of SCTP/mSCTP in both data plane and control plane of NETLMM. In the control plane, we try to use mSCTP signaling between the AR and the LMA instead of EMP or other standardizing signaling protocol as a first step to introduce multi-homing feature and to support both IPv4 and IPv6. In the data plane, we proposed a new SCTP encapsulation schema for NETLMM. This SCTP encapsulation mechanism provides a way to reduce the header overhead for small size packet networks by allowing many small packets to share the same header. By analysing the simulation results, we found the tradeoff relation between the header overhead and the tunneling delay. This relationship is a kind of conservation that we can dynamically control the trade-off with regards to the network status. Besides, this new SCTP encapsulation schema is very promising for extending the capacity of the backhaul of NETLMM domain thanks to the bandwidth aggregation feature.

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