Hyperlinked video with moving objects in digital television

Cardoso, Bernardo;de Carvalho, Fausto; Cravalho, L;Fernandez, Gabriel;Gouveia, P;Huet, Benoit;Jiten, Joakim;Mérialdo, Bernard;Navarro, Antonio;Neuschmied, H;Noe, M;Salgado, R;Thallinger, Georg
ICME 2005, IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo, July 6-8, 2005, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The GMF4iTV project (Generic Media Framework for Interactive Television) is an IST European project that developed an end-to-end broadcasting platform providing interactivity on heterogeneous multimedia devices such as Set-Top-Boxes, PCs and PDAs according to the Multimedia Home Platform (MHP) part of the DVB standard. The developed platform allows the content providers to create enhanced audiovisual contents with a degree of interactivity at moving object level or shot changes in a video. The end user is then able to interact with moving objects from the video or individual shots allowing the enjoyment of additional contents associated to them (MHP applications, HTML pages, JPEG, MPEG-4 files,...).

Data Science
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