Watermark resynchronization based on Elastic Graph Matching

Doërr, Gwenaël J;Rey, Christian;Dugelay, Jean-Luc
SETIT 2005, 3rd International Conference: Sciences of Electronic, Technologies of Information and Telecommunications, March 27-31, 2005, Sousse, Tunisia

Most of the watermarking algorithms can still be defeated by geometric distortions today. If the weakness against global distortions can almost be considered as solved, local geometric distortions such as the ones introduced by StirMark remain a major issue. In this paper, an original resynchronization method is presented as a potential countermeasure against such attacks. The basic idea consists in interlacing resynchronization bits with the bits carrying the payload during the watermark embedding. During the extraction, those bits are used as anchor points to estimate and compensate for both small local and global geometric distortions. This registration procedure is performed using an Elastic Graph Matching (EGM) approach.

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