New simple evaluation of the error probability of bit-interleaved coded modulation using the saddlepoint approximation

Martinez, Alfonso;Guillén i Fàbregas, Albert;Caire, Giuseppe
ISITA 2004, International Symposium on Information Theory and Applications, October 10-13, 2004, Parma, Italy

This paper presents a simple and very accurate method to evaluate the error probability of bit-interleaved coded modulation. Modelling the channel as a binary-input continuous-output channel with a non-Gaussian transition density allows for the application of standard bounding techniques for Gaussian channels. The pairwise error probability is equal to the tail probability of a sum of random variables; this probability is then calculated with a saddlepoint approximation. Its precision is numerically validated for coded transmission over standard Gaussian noise and fully-interleaved fading channels for both convolutional and turbo-like codes. The proposed approximation is much tighter and simpler to compute than the existing techniques and reveals as a powerful tool for practical use.

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