How to address secure multicast with a customer perspective?

Önen, Melek;Molva, Refik
Research report RR-03-095

Even though multicast rekeying is one of the most visited areas in network
security, solutions still are severely lacking with respect to reliability and real customer
expectations. Since any rekeying operation causes the update of all members’
keying material, long-lived members are strongly affected by frequent membership
In this paper, we suggest a new approach that takes into account different recipient
categories based on their “loyalty” and that treats each category differently
by offering better service to more loyal recipients. In our first solution, we propose
to restructure the Logical Key Hierarchy (LKH) scheme by separately regrouping
members based on their membership duration aiming at preserving members with
long duration membership from the impact of rekeying operations caused by arrivals
or departures of short-lived members. We then propose an extensive method
for computing system parameters like rekeying intervals based on the customer
satisfaction criteria.

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