Data indexing in peer-to-peer DHT networks

Garces-Erice, Luis;Felber, Pascal A;Ross, Keith W;Urvoy-Keller, Guillaume
Research report RR-03-091

Peer-to-peer distributed hash table (DHT) systems make it simple to discover specific data when their complete identifiers—or keys—are known in advance. In practice, however, users looking up resources stored in peer-to-peer systems often have only partial information for identifying these resources. In this paper, we describe techniques for indexing data stored in peerto- peer DHT networks, and discovering the resources that match a given user query. Our system creates multiple indexes, organized hierarchically, which permit users to locate data even using scarce information, although at the price of a higher lookup cost. The data itself is stored on only one (or few) of the nodes. Experimental evaluation demonstrates the effectiveness of our indexing techniques on a distributed peer-to-peer bibliographic database with realistic user query workloads

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