EBBPS: an efficient weight assignment process for GPS servers

Urvoy-Keller, Guillaume; Hébuterne, Gérard
Annales des Télécommunications, Volume 57, N°11-12, Novembre-Décembre 2002

The introduction of Quality of Service in the future high-speed Internet requires the use of more complex service policies than the simple FIFO policy commonly used on servers today. Among those policies, GPS is an appealing candidate due to its ability to share the bandwidth among sessions and the existence, for this policy, of deterministic and statistical end-to-end delay bounds. However the weight assignment process commonly used for GPS, namely RPPS, appears to perform poorly The resulting admission procedure is not scalable. To fill this gap, we propose a new weight assignment policy, called EBBPS, which captures the QOS requirement of sessions. We prove that the corresponding admission procedure is scalable while the resource utilization is increased as compared to RPPS.

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