An all-IP software radio architecture under RTLinux

Bonnet, Christian; Gauthier, Lionel; Humblet, Pierre A; Knopp, Raymond; Menouni Hayar, Aawatif; Moret, Yan; Nordio, Alessandro; Nussbaum, Dominique; Wetterwald, Michelle
Annales des télécommunications, Volume 57, N°7-8, juillet-août 2002

This paper presents an overview of software radio architectures for testing quality-of service (QoS) aware IP data services over a typical third-generation radio interface. The testbed is implemented using a hard real-time micro-kernel known as RTLinux, running beneath the Linux operating system, for providing real-time end-to-end functionality. The testbed runs on a variety of Intel Pentium-based computing platforms including laptops and high-end servers. Layers 1 and 2 are compliant with the 3GPP specifications for TDD operation and layer 3 provides a direct interconnection with an IPv6 core network. The intent is to study the impact of an IP core network and QoS constraints on the physical and link layers as well as the co-design of physical layer configurations and IP layer networking.

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