Experiences on cross-disciplinary research in techno-economics of mobile Internet

Heikki Hämmäinen - professor of Network Economics at Department of Communications and Networking, Aalto University
Digital Security

Date: -
Location: Eurecom

This talk summarizes learnings of expanding from technical to economics research in the highly technical environment of Department of Communications and Networking, Aalto University. One motivation is that boundaries between sciences are getting less clear. This also applies to combining economics (a behavioral science) with network technology research. A key enabler is the possibility to collect and analyze increasingly accurate data from networks, devices and servers. The research topics include radio access networks, Internet protocols and architectures, and mobile service usage. Relevant concepts of economics are for instance network externalities, long tail, prospect theory, two-sided platforms, utility theory, real options, game theory, and diffusion theory. The toolbox of research methods contains system dynamics, techno-economic modeling, agent-based simulation, scenario planning, statistical data analysis, Bayes, networks, etc.