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Color based soft biometry for hooligans detection

D'angelo, Angela; Dugelay, Jean-Luc

ISCAS 2010, IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, May 30th-June 2nd, 2010, Paris, France

Biometric systems based on human traits like fingerprinting, face, iris, etc., even widely explored in literaure, cannot be used in scenarios like video surveillance of crowded envinroments. A different class of biometry, usually referred as soft biometry, including individual's height, weight, skin color, clothes color, trajectory, etc., can be more easily extracted from cameras in a large network to provide some useful information about the users. In this work we focus our attention on the color of human clothes. We apply color based soft biometric to a specific scenario, i.e. to prevent hooligans fights, based on the color of the clothes they wear. A video surveillance system able to quickly identify the presence of rival teams fans in a specific location would be helpful in avoiding vandalism and destructive behaviour.

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Titre:Color based soft biometry for hooligans detection
Département:Sécurité numérique
Eurecom ref:3028
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