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Live from EURECOM - September 2012 25-09-2012

EURECOM settles into the new sophiatech Campus  !

After having counted down the days to the big move, EURECOM’s staff was glad to set foot in their new offices on the 20th of August. After two weeks of hard work from the Logistics department, who took care of getting the network and facilities up and running, the staff enjoyed exploring the building, unpacking boxes, and did not wait too long before making themselves at home.
EURECOM opened its doors to their friends, students and alumni for an open day visit on the 15th of September as part of their 20th Anniversary celebration, and shared a relaxed cocktail on the new premises.
The campus has officially welcome EURECOM’s new students on Monday, 24th of September 2012.
To reach us, you can find us at the following address: Campus SophiaTech- Les Templiers - 450 Route des Chappes - 06410 Biot

Our number hasn’t changed!


20th anniversary: a grand celebration! 

This year marked EURECOM’s 20th Anniversary since it opened in 1992. For this occasion, the 2012 Graduation Ceremony and Gala were held in the beautiful Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel, in partnership with the Prince Albert II Foundation, in the presence of Prince Albert II of Monaco, many distinguished guests, EURECOM’s staff, alumni, and this year’s graduating students.
After some touching speeches from Ulrich Finger, EURECOM’s director, and Martin Peronnet, director of Monaco Telecom and this year’s patron, all present students were handed their diplomas. The students gave a great speech about the different benefits of EURECOM, which were tightly tied to education, cultural melting pots and, last but not least, enjoying the Mediterranean Dolce Vita. The ceremony was closed by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, who gave the honor of presenting her diploma to the valedictorian. He dedicated a few words of encouragement to the graduates for their entrance in the working world, and delivered an ethical message of environmental protection, a topic dear to his heart.

The Graduation Ceremony was followed by a conference hosted by Bertrand Piccard, pioneer of his generation, who shared his thoughts and life goals through the presentation of his journey around the world in an unstable helium balloon, and his revolutionary 26 hour flight in a solar-powered plane. The Q&A session revealed how Bertrand Piccard truly inspired the students as well as EURECOM’s many partners and friends.
The evening celebrated EURECOM’s birthday with a big cake and a late night at the Fairmont’s NiClub.


New term, new students

On Monday 24th of September, EURECOM has welcome a hundred of new students to their new classrooms, and more than 15 different nationalities. Amongst these new arrivals, 14 will be following a Master of Science course.
To allow those new international students to get to know their classmates and to settle into a new lifestyle, the Students’ Committee (named The JägerBEDster's this year) will be taking them on the famous WEI (Week End d’Integration, namely Freshers’ week-end) near the St Croix Lake at a camping site on the week end of the 28th of September.


New PhD graduates

They all defended brilliantly their thesis:
• Nesli ERDOGMUS on March 20th, 2012 on the topic « Utilization of 3D data in face recognition »
• Leucio Antonio CUTILLO on April 5th, 2012 on the topic « Security and Privacy in Online Social Networks »
• Carmelo VELARDO on April 23rd, 2012 on the topic « Anthropometry and Soft Biometrics for Smart Monitoring »
• Simon BOZONNET on May 2nd, 2012 on the topic  « New Insights Into Hierarchical Clustering And Linguistic Normalization For Speaker Diarization »
• Theodoor SCHOLTE on May 11th, 2012 on the topic « Securing web applications by design »
• Louis PLISSONNEAU on July 9th, 2012 on the topic « Network Tomography from an Operator Perspective »
• Kaoutar ELKHIYAOUI on September 12th, 2012 on the topic « Security and Privacy in RFID Systems »
• Jinbang CHEN on September 21st, 2012 on the topic « Enterprise Networks: Modern Techniques for Analysis, Measurement and Performance Improvement »
• Muhammad Sabir IDRESS on September 21st, 2012 on the topic « A Requirements Engineering Driven Approach to Security Architecture Design for Distributed Embedded Systems »
• Carina SCHMIDT-KNORRECK on Thursday October 4th on the topic « Software Defined Radio Architectures Applied on Car Networks »
High level Visiting Scientists
The Networking and Security Dept. welcomes
• Shengyun LIU, from the National University of Defense Technology (NUDT), China, invited by Ernst BIERSACK until 30/03/2015 on the topic « Reliability of Data Centers ».
• Gabor PEK, from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary, invited by Davide BALZAROTTI until 30/11/2012 on the topic « Out-of-the-guest analysis and detection of attacks ».
The Mobile Communication Department welcomes
• Apostolos APOSTALARAS from the University of Thessaly, Greece, invited by Navid NIKAEIN until 21/12/2012 on the topic « Design and development of cooperative MAC forwarding techniques in mesh topology ».
• Wolfgang GERSTACKER from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany, invited by Laura COTTATELLUCCI until 05/10/2012 on the topic ???


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