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Internet of things a potential security disaster

The Internet of Things (IoT) could be a security disaster waiting to happen.
That's the view of Andrew Rose, a Forrester Research analyst. He believes that early IoT implementations will
inevitably be highly insecure, forcing companies involved to ratchet up security later to avoid serious problems.
"I think that will pretty much be the case," he said. "The cause will be naivete. People won't have thought through
all the use cases for the Internet of Things when they implement it, and they will focus on functionality rather than
control systems. That will give malicious people an opportunity to work the technology for their own benefit."
In fact, a recent study from HP Security Research found that 70 percent of Internet-connected devices are
vulnerable to attack. Insecure Web interfaces and a lack of encryption were among the issues flagged in the
study. le 4 septembre 2014