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Raphaël TRONCY

Raphaël TRONCY
Raphaël TRONCY
Eurecom - Data Science 
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  • He is currently Associate Professor within the Data Science Department where he teaches classes on "Human-computer interaction for the Web" and on "Semantic Web technologies".

My courses

  • WebInt / Fall 2018 - Interaction Design and Development of Modern Web Applications

    Human-computer interaction (HCI) is the study of interaction between people (users) and computers, as the intersection of computer science, behavioral sciences, design and several other fields of study. This course aims to provide the basic concepts of user centered design when developing web applications. It will offer a deep dive presentation of modern web technologies: HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. Finally, this course will provide techniques for evaluating user interfaces.

    Teaching and Learning Methods:Lectures and Lab sessions (group of 2-3 students)

    Course Policies: Attendance to Lab session is mandatory.

  • WebSem / Spring 2018 - An Introduction to Semantic Web technologies

    The Semantic Web is an evolving extension of the World Wide Web in which the semantics of information and services on the web is defined. It derives from W3C director Sir Tim Berners-Lee's vision of the Web as a universal medium for data, information, and knowledge exchange. This course is a guided tour for a number of W3C recommendations allowing to represent (RDF/S, SKOS, OWL) and query (SPARQL) knowledge on the web as well as the underlying logical formalisms of these languages, their syntax and semantics. We will present the problems of modeling ontologies and reconciling data on the web. Finally, we will explain how to extract knowledge from textual documents using natural language processing and information extraction technologies.

    Teaching and Learning Methods:Lectures and Lab sessions (group of 2 students max)

    Course Policies:Attendance to Lab session is mandatory.



  • He won for his paper "The SentiME system at the SSA challenge Task 1," the prize "Polarity Detection" awarded by the jury of the 2016 ESWC
  • Raphaël TRONCY and his team won the First Prize of the Semantic Web Challenge at ISWC 2015 for the second time
  • Best Paper Award AND Best Poster Award at K-CAP 2015 (International Conference on Knowledge Capture)
  • Ahmad Assaf, Raphaël Troncy and their co-author won a Best Paper Award for the article "Roomba: An extensible framework to validate and build dataset profiles" during PROFILES 2015
  • Best AI Mashup Award with his co-authors Ahmad Assaf and Aline Senart for the article "SNARC - An approach for aggregating and recommending contextualized social content" (ESWC 2013).
  • 1st prize of the Semantic Web Challenge with his co-authors Houda Khrouf et Vuk Milicic (ISWC 2012) for the article "EventMedia live: Exploring events connections in real-time to enhance content"