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Study Programs at EURECOM

WEBINAR -STUDYING AT EURECOM (Presentation of EURECOM's Msc and Post Master's degrees)


MASTER of ENGINEERING program (Exchange Students only)

This curriculum is open to Exchange students from EURECOM’s academic partners and ERASMUS agreements only. Studies are organised into 4 Study Tracks (Communication Systems, Data Science and Engineering, Smart Ojects and Digital Security). 

Application guidelines:

  • For ERASMUS students and Exchange Students please refer to the following link.
  • For students enrolled in a Double Degree program with TélécomParistech - "Campus Sophia Antipolis", please refer to the following link.

MASTER's DEGREES- Msc (Open to all students)

EURECOM and IMT (Institut Mines Télécom) offer 4 Master of Science degrees aimed principally at international students in Cybersecurity, Mobile Computing systems and Big Data and IoT). These degrees are open to candidates with the equivalent of a 3-year Bachelor's degree in a relevant field.

The Master's degrees are accredited by the French Ministry of Education and Research as National Master's Degrees in Science and Technology and give access to further Phd studies or to top positions in the industry.

POST MASTER's DEGREES (Open to All Students)

EURECOM offers two Post Master's degrees for both students and experienced engineers with a completed Master's degree, willing to specialize in a booming field such as Cybersecurity or Connected Vehicules (C-ITS). The Post Master degree (in French: "titre d'ingénieur de spécialisation"), is accreditated by the CTI, French Accreditation Agency of Engineering curricula, which guarantees state recognition and high visibility among companies.

The European Quality Label "EUR-ACE" has been granted to both degrees. 


EURECOM offers students with a Master’s degree the opportunity to obtain a doctorate through thesis work in its labs. Students need to apply to Phd vacancies published on the main page of the website in the category "JOBS".


Students coming at EURECOM within the framework of an academic partnership with their home university should refer to the following link for more information.


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