Graduate School and Research Center In communication systems

EURECOM's curricula


This curriculum is designed for students from EURECOM’s academic partners, and is compatible with the LMD (Licence-Master-Doctorat) European standard.  Students receive credits based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTC) in 24 months, 18 months, or 6/12 months depending on their home school's regulations.

INTERNATIONAL MASTER (Master of science degree -Msc)

EURECOM/TelecomParistech offer three Master's programmes aimed principally at international students. They are open to candidates with the equivalent of a 4-year Bachelor's degree.

The Master's degrees are accredited by the French Ministry of Education and Research as National Master's Degrees in Science and Technology.

These degrees are delivered by ParisTech jointly with TélécomParistech.


The degree targets students and experienced engineers with a completed Master's degree, willing to specialize in a booming sector such as Computer Security or ITS. They will benefit from EURECOM's internationally recognized expertise in these fields and industrial partnerships.

These degrees thus provide a competitive edge in an increasingly tense job market. The Post Master degree (in French: "titre d'ingénieur de spécialisation"), is accreditated by the CTI, French Accreditation agency of engineering curricula, which guarantees State recognition and a high visibility among companies.


EURECOM offers students with a Master’s degree the opportunity to obtain a doctorate through thesis work in its labs. Students need to apply to the Phd vacancies published on the main page of the website in the category "JOBS".