Graduate School and Research Center In communication systems

Necessary procedures


EURECOM is a small structure which allows individualised and listening of all students by a highly available Service of initial training.

We personally support you in your administrative actions.

Tuition and scholarship

It is important to know that you stay enrolled in your school of origin. Tuition fees are set according to terms and conditions of each school.

Similarly, the scheme of scholarships remains for each student to a school of origin.

We we will instruct, as soon as your back to school late September, you transmit your records of restoration to be completed and a record of scholarship to complete if needed (TELECOM Paris Tech, TELECOM Bretagne, TELECOM South Paris).

Once these formalities have been completed, we will give you corresponding to your school student card.

The EPFL students shall fulfil the administrative formalities before their arrival in France.

The social security

The amount of the assessment to student social security is 211 euro for the academic year 2013-2014.
You must join the student social security your administrative registration in your school with a student mutual:

  • is the mutual students (LMDE) or (SMEREP )
  • a regional mutual grouped within the National Union of mutual student society (USEM )

Your membership in the student social security will be effective from October 1st and September 30th of the following year. It is the mutual student that you have chosen which will ensure the reimbursement of your care during this period.