Graduate School and Research Center In communication systems

A recognized cooperative research

Projects play a key role in EURECOM’s research activity. Beyond the financial and human resources they bring to explore and develop a scientific topic, and one of their main interest lies in the interaction they generate with EURECOM’s partners.

Priority has been given to three fields of research: Digital Security, Data Science and Communication Systems. The research program is supervised by the Scientific Advisory Board which is composed of representatives of EURECOM’s members.
EURECOM actively monitors the state of the art in its fields and detect emerging subjects. We can thus guide exploratory research by proposing relevant thesis subjects and foster the introduction of new techniques in future products and services.



Thanks to its strong ties set up with the industry, EURECOM was awarded the “Institut Carnot” label jointly with the Institut Mines Telecom right from 2006. The Carnot Label was designed to develop and professionalize cooperative research. It encourages the realization of research projects in public research centers that work together with socioeconomic actors, especially companies.