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Raymond KNOPP

Raymond KNOPP
Raymond KNOPP
Eurecom - Communication systems 
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Coding and Multiple-Access over Fading Channels


  • At EURECOM, R. Knopp teaches graduate-level courses in Digital Communication Theory and Signal Processing Technologies.
  • He also participates in continuing education programs for industry, on behalf of EURECOM, on specific topics of interest in state-of-the-art wireless communication systems.

Current research topics

  • Specific subjects investigated by the group include coding, multipleaccess and two-way transmission techniques in radio communications, software radio architectures and
    implementation technology, and physical-layer abstraction and emulation architectures for radio networks.

Selected publications



  • In 2011 he received a Best Student Paper Award with his co-authors Rizwan Ghaffar, Umer Salim and Irfan Ghauri for the article "Mixed CSIT DL channel: gains with interference aware receivers" (European Wireless Conference 2011)