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Raymond KNOPP

Raymond KNOPP
Raymond KNOPP
Eurecom - Communication systems 
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Current research topics

  • Coding
  • Multiple access and two-way transmission techniques in radio communications
  • Software radio architectures and implementation technology
  • Physical-layer abstraction and emulation architectures for radio networks

Current research interests

  • R. Knopp is currently head of the Advanced Wireless Technologies Group within the mobile communications department.
  • This group specializes in real-time platform architectures and experimentation in wireless communication systems, with the goal of providing feasibility studies for state-of-the-art theoretical advances in wireless communications.
  • The focus of the group covers access-layer techniques (PHY/MAC layers) applicable to evolving cellular technologies (LTE,LTE-Advanced) and rapidly-deployable mesh/adhoc networks.
  • The group is extremely active in European and national Framework programs and technically coordinates, an open-source initiative created by EURECOM which distributes the developments of the group to the public-domain.

Current research memberships

  • R. Knopp is an IEEE Member and was special guest editor for the "IEEE Journal of Selected Areas in Communications", Aug. 2004, on the topic of fundamental performance limits of wireless sensor networks.
  • He has been on the technical program committee of several major IEEE conferences.

Selected publications



  • In 2011 he received a Best Student Paper Award with his co-authors Rizwan Ghaffar, Umer Salim and Irfan Ghauri for the article "Mixed CSIT DL channel: gains with interference aware receivers" (European Wireless Conference 2011)