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Chalmers is a new academic partner of the research centre EURECOM


Chalmers is, since July 2014, a member of the research centre EURECOM, The membership opens for increased international collaboration in communication systems and information technology.


A new doctor in Multimedia Field at EURECOM !


Congratulations to Federico ALEGRE (framed by professor Nick EVANS) who defended his thesis successfully on december 15th! His thesis subject was called "Spoofing and Countermeasures for Biometric Speaker Verification...


Indian press tour at EURECOM


EURECOM recently had the privilege to host a delegation of 5 Indian journalists and the Head of CampusFrance India in the framework of a press coverage about French Higher Education. 

EURECOM was selected as a...


A 16th doctor at EURECOM in 2014!


Congratulations to Ayse UNSAL (framed by professor Raymond KNOPP) who defended her thesis successfully! Her thesis subject concerned the "Transmission of Analog Source Samples for Remote and Distributed Sensing"


Congratulations to Enrico PIOVANO, EURECOM student for being one of the best performing interns at Qualcomm!


EURECOM student Enrico PIOVANO (framed by Professor David Gesbert) has been selected as one of the winners of the 2014 Roberto Padovani Scholarship for being one of the best performing interns at Qualcomm....


A new Phd thesis defended with success in EURECOM


Congratulations to Samuel KALUVURI, a CIFRE Phd Student at SAP (framed by Yves ROUDIER) who defended his thesis successfully!
His thesis subject was : "Security Assurance of Web Services through Digital Security...


EURECOM announces USRP software defined radio support for OpenAirInterface


World’s Most Complete Open Source LTE Base Station (eNB) Software Supports USRP Software Defined Radio The system will be demonstrated live at WinnComm Europe, November 5, 2014 in Rome, Italy More info

Student Life

EURECOM à la rencontre des classes Prépa


EURECOM et Télécom ParisTech partent comme chaque année à la rencontre des élèves des classes préparatoires + infos


A 14th doctor at EURECOM in 2014


Congratulations to Xinping YI (framed by David GESBERT) who defended his thesis successfully! His thesis subject was : "Interference Management in Wireless Networks with Channel Uncertainty"

Scientist Visitors

EURECOM welcomes its new visiting scientists


Raimo KANTOLA, Professor at Aalto University (Finland), and Loukas Lazos, Associate professor at the Université of Arizona (USA) are invited by Refik MOLVA from October 3rd to March 31, 2015 for the 1st one, and from October 3rd to June...