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EURECOM has participated to the 8th Scientific day "Futur & Ruptures"


On January 31st, 2019, was held the 8th scientific day Future & Ruptures, the annual meeting of presentation of the thesis work completed, on prospective themes of the program of IMT, Future & Ruptures. This program has been supported...


First Doctor of 2019 at EURECOM


Congratulations to Rémi DOMINGUES, PhD student CIFRE, supervised by Professors Pietro Michiardi and Maurizio Filippone of Data Science Dept., who brilliantly defended his doctoral thesis "Probabilistic Modeling for Novelty Detection with...


EURECOM at the heart of Stack canaries study: Overestimating software protection


Recent research carried out by EURECOM and the Technical University of Munich show that most stack canaries contain vulnerabilities. The results obtained through a project led by the German-French Academy for the Industry of the Future...