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Master in Security and Cloud Computing (SECCLO) - ERASMUS MUNDUS

EURECOM is part of a high profile ERASMUS MUNDUS Joint Master's program - SECCLO.


SECCLO-Master's programme in Security and Cloud Computing (120 ECTS) is a two-year engineering programme which gives students a broad understanding of the latest and future technologies for secure cloud and mobile computing systems. Students will gain both practical engineering knowledge and theoretical insights into secure systems engineering, distributed application development, network and service architectures, and cloud and mobile platforms.


The 120 ECTS credits will be divided into two blocks: two semesters of courses (60 ECTS) will be provided by the entry university Aalto. After the first year, the student move to an exit university (including EURECOM) where they are able to specialize (30 ECTS).

The fourth semester is dedicated to thesis research and writing (Master's thesis, 30 ECTS). Summer school and internship are included into the programme.


The programme leads into two national Master of Science degrees (double degree) from those universities where the student has completed his/her studies.


2nd year Specialisation  in Big Data security at EURECOM 


The EURECOM specialization aims at providing a solid knowledge of security in cloud computing and networking combined with practical design and management skills. The students learn how to identify threats, vulnerabilities and privacy problems in networks and cloud systems including the Internet of Things. They learn to integrate security solutions to a cloud computing platform and explore methods for holding cloud stakeholders accountable for the privacy and confidentiality of data in cloud systems.


The curriculum has a hands-on approach that combines laboratory work with classroom education, makes use of high-profile industry speakers to introduce the latest technologies, and includes a supervised semester-long team project on a topic of industrial relevance. One focus area is communication and organizational skills together with project planning and implementation competences. A mandatory management course fosters an entrepreneurial mindset, and the elective courses enable students to further explore data science or networking.




  Electives Secclo Security et Cloud Computing   10
T MALIS Machine Learning and Intelligent System 5.00
T MobiSec Mobile Systems and Smartphone Security 5.00
T MobSys Mobile communication systems 5.00
T SysSec System and Network Security 5.00
  Fundamentals Secclo Security and Cloud Computing   8
T BigSec Security and privacy for Big Data and Cloud 3.00
T Clouds Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing 5.00
  Secclo Fundamental in Business, Innovation and Project Management (I)   5
G ManagIntro Introduction to management 5.00


Language    French or another foreign language for French speakers 1
Semester project (100h) 6



Candidates can be eligible to very attractive scholarships (from 32 000€ to 45 000€ for the full program) as detailed on the following page: 



The next application period takes place   25 November 2019 – 10 January 2020.                                   




Next application period :
25 November 2019 –

10 January 2020




The universities participating to SECCLO-programme are:

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For enquiries, please contact: secclo [at] aalto [dot] fi