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Petros ELIA

Petros ELIA
Petros ELIA
Eurecom - Communication systems 
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  • He is currently Professor within the Department of Communications systems where he teaches classes on Mobile Communications

Current research topics

  • His latest publications (2009-2011) deal with information theoretic limits and coding in cooperative communications, fundamental performance-complexity limits in communications, MIMO decoders, two-way relaying, isolation and connectivity in dense networks, queueing theory, crosslayer design, and soft-biometrics.

Selected publications



  • Petros Elia has been awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant for his project DUALITY in 2016.
  • He was a recipient of a four-year "Fulbright scholarship" (1993-1997)
  • Distinguished Achievement Award: Newcom++ Network of Excellence 2008-2011 (joint with Joakim Jalden from KTH)
  • Best Student Paper Award at SPAWC 2011 (Award received by Arun Singh) - San Francisco, CA, June 2011