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Petros ELIA

Petros ELIA
Petros ELIA
Eurecom - Communication systems 
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Current research topics

  • His latest publications (2009-2011) deal with information theoretic limits and coding in cooperative communications, fundamental performance-complexity limits in communications, MIMO decoders, two-way relaying, isolation and connectivity in dense networks, queueing theory, crosslayer design, and soft-biometrics.

Current research interests

  • He seeks to provide practical algorithms and mathematical machinery that improve and analyze the speed-reliability performance and the complexity of different communication networks.
  • This is motivated by the fact that, just like performance (rate and reliability), implementation/computation complexity is a fundamental bottleneck with exponential costs, and in need of meaningful exposition.
  • A recent research interest also includes developing theory, techniques and algorithms for analyzing, designing and deploying large-scale cooperative surveillance networks, revealing the necessary resources and methods that render such systems useful, but also clearly and rigorously differentiating these from the resources that render such future systems an unacceptable intrusion on ordinary citizens.

Current research memberships

  • He has given invited talks, and recently a tutorial at the Crowncom conference 2010
  • He has served as a co-chair of WNC3 at Wiopt-2007, and has organized sessions such as at CROWNCOM-2010 and ISCCSP-2010
  • He has invited papers such as at Journal of "Comm-Software-Systems" (2006), MILCOM 2006, IZS-2008, 4th IEEE ASPWCS Workshop 2009, ITA 2010, EuWIT 2010

Selected publications



  • Petros Elia has been awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant for his project DUALITY in 2016.
  • He was a recipient of a four-year "Fulbright scholarship" (1993-1997)
  • Distinguished Achievement Award: Newcom++ Network of Excellence 2008-2011 (joint with Joakim Jalden from KTH)
  • Best Student Paper Award at SPAWC 2011 (Award received by Arun Singh) - San Francisco, CA, June 2011