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Eurecom - Digital Security 
Assistant professor
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  • He is currently Assistant Professor within the Digital Security Department where he teaches system security

My courses

  • SysSec / Fall 2017 - System and Network Security

    • Internet security has become part of everyday life where security problems impact practical aspects of our lives. Even though there is a considerable corpus of knowledge about tools and techniques to protect networks, information about what are the actual vulnerabilities and how they are exploited is often not well understood. The course aims to make the students gain a basic understanding about real world security issues and countermeasures. Another of the goals of this course is to teach students to think as an attacker, this state of mind will later help to design secure systems and avoid common pitfalls.
    • The course introduces the students to all the basic concepts of system security in the areas of host, network, and web security. The class has a very practical spin. A number of challenge-like homework assignment are used to force the student to practice on the low level aspects of the concept presented during the lectures. Therefore, prior experience in basic programming (C) as well as knowledge of basic concepts in operating systems and networks is recommended.
    • The following topics are covered in this course:
    • Windows and Unix Security Basics
    • Race Conditions
    • Memory Corruption, Exploitation and Modern Countermeasures
    • Trusted Computing
    • Web Security
    • Wireless Security
    • Network Security
    • Testing for Security
    • Smartphones Security
    • Introduction to Malware




  • In 2015, he received with Clémentine Maurice and their co-authors a Best Paper Award for the article presented at DIMVA 2015: "C5: Cross-cores cache covert channel"
  • In 2013, he received with his co-authors the Best Student Paper Award for the article: "Implementation and implications of a stealth hard-drive backdoor" (ACSAC 2013)
  • Prix de Thèse INP Grenoble 2010