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Eurecom - Digital Security 
Assistant professor
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  • He is currently Assistant Professor within the Digital Security Department where he teaches system security

My courses

  • SysSec / Fall 2018 - System and Network Security

    This course provides an introduction to practical security concepts. The goal is to understand common attacks and countermeasures in a range of topics. The course is practice oriented, it describes real attacks and countermeasures. Students will practice attacks on a dedicated server (similar to a Capture the Flag competition).

    Teaching and Learning Methods :Weekly class. Some guest lectures. Homework are online challenges, on a number of topics related to the class. A first lab is organized during lecture time to bootstrap challenges.

    Course Policies :Class attendance is not checked but generally required to succeed.

  • WiSec / Fall 2018 - Wireless Security

    Wireless communications are pervasive and have been used for a century. They are used in a very large set of  security applications (communications by security forces, car key remote, alarm system, access control, drone command and control, surveillance devices) . However, day to day applications also require to be protected for privacy and personal security, such as WiFi or mobile communications (2G/3G/4G). At the same a number of challenges are present in wireless communications security, for example, messages are broadcasted, making it possible to intercept them without being noticed. Wireless signals are subject to jamming, making them unavailable.

    This course will give a large perspective of the fundamental challenges in securing wireless communications, from the physical layer, modulations to the application protocols. A special focus will be put on practice with hands on exercises (using software defined radios and WiFi dongles).

    Teaching and Learning Methods : Course is composed of lectures, Labs and small projects with final presentation.

    Course Policies : Class attendance, labs and projects mandatory.




  • In 2015, he received with Clémentine Maurice and their co-authors a Best Paper Award for the article presented at DIMVA 2015: "C5: Cross-cores cache covert channel"
  • In 2013, he received with his co-authors the Best Student Paper Award for the article: "Implementation and implications of a stealth hard-drive backdoor" (ACSAC 2013)
  • Prix de Thèse INP Grenoble 2010