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  • He is currently Assistant Professor within the Digital Security Department where he teaches system security

Current research topics

  • His principal research interest is in the security of embedded devices, from low-end microcontrollers to high-end smartphones. The study of those devices requires a holistic approach for their analysis and design.

  • Therefore, he is interested in several topics such as software security, architecture support for security, wireless and wired network security and privacy.

  • He is especially interested in the boundaries between software and hardware, which have been often less explored with a security mindset.

Selected publications



  • In 2020, he receives one of the Google Faculty Research Awards 2019-2020 in the "Security" category.

  • He also received a Distinguished Paper Award for the paper  "Symbolic execution with SymCC: Don't interpret, compile!" written with Sebastian Peoplau.  

  • Google also awarded him the Google Bughunter Hall of Fame Honorable Mention in 2020.

  • In 2015, he received with Clémentine Maurice and their co-authors a Best Paper Award for the article presented at DIMVA 2015: "C5: Cross-cores cache covert channel"

  • In 2013, he received with his co-authors the Best Student Paper Award for the article: "Implementation and implications of a stealth hard-drive backdoor" (ACSAC 2013)

  • Prix de Thèse INP Grenoble 2010