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Christian BONNET

Christian BONNET
Christian BONNET
Eurecom - Communication systems 
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Christian Bonnet joined EURECOM as an associate professor in 1992. He was at the head of the Communication systems Department of EURECOM from 1998 to 2011. His teaching activities are :

  • 4G and beyond systems
  • Wireless LAN and Ad Hoc Networking
  • Protocols for mobile Internet
  • Protocols for Internet of Things

My courses

  • MobIP / Spring 2018 - Mobile Networking

    This module addresses the mobility management in IP Networks (Internet or private networks). In particular the various mobility schemes based on IPv6 are detailed. Application to 3GPP / WiFi IP Flow mobility is presented.

     Teaching and Learning Methods: Lectures and Lab sessions (group of 2 students)

     Course Policies : Attendance to Lab sessions  is mandatory.

  • MobSys / Fall 2017 - Mobile communication systems

    This course presents a series of mobile systems in their entirety to synthetize the knowledge gained in more fundamental courses. It explores current and emerging standards and follows the evolution of various mobile services.

    Teaching and Learning Methods : Lectures and Lab sessions (group of 2 students)

    Course Policies : Attendance to Lab session is mandatory.

  • ProtIOT / Spring 2018 - Iot Communication Protocols