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Psychologically grounded avatars expressions

Paleari, Marco;Lisetti, Christine Laetitia

1rst Workshop on Emotion and Computing at KI 2006, 29th Annual Conference on Artificial Intelligence, June, 14-19, 2006, Bremen, Germany

Progress in computer graaphics over the last decade has ren- dered the creation of believable anthropomorphic graphical avatars pos- sible. Issues in rendering these animated graphical avatars believable and engaging during Human-Computer Interaction still remain. In this arti- cle, we focus on the animation of avatar’s facial expressions. We explain how we created our animation on Scherer’s theory of emotion gener- ation associated with facial expressions to create five facial expression animations (happiness, disgust, sadness, fear and anger) that are con- gruent with Scherer’s theory. We discuss the specific steps and issues we followed as well as the evaluation results of a user study we conducted

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Title:Psychologically grounded avatars expressions
Department:Data Science
Eurecom ref:1948
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