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Eurecom - Communication systems 
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Current research topics

  • Transmitter and receiver design for 4G/5G systems, with multiple antennas / users / cells, relaying; capacity and diversity analysis, interference management, cognitive radio, localization
  • Audio signal processing: acoustic echo cancelation, dereverberation, source separation, enhancement
  • Joint Wiener filtering and parameter estimation, empirical Bayes estimation, Variational Bayesian techniques

Current research interests

  • His research interests include DSP for Mobile Communications (antenna arrays for (semi-blind) equalization/interference cancellation and spatial division multiple access, space-time processing and coding, channel estimation) and adaptation techniques for audio processing

Current research memberships

  • He was an associate editor for IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, EURASIP Signal Processing journal, and currently of the EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing.

  • He has been an elected member of the IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) Technical Committee (TC) on Signal Processing for Communications and Networking and predecessor TCs for 20 years, and an elected member of the IEEE SPS Awards Board 2011-2013.

  • In 20 years, he has graduated 30 PhD students, 9 of which are in academia (6 professors), and about 10 others are in research in industry.

  • His research led to: h index: 34, total citations: 5200, 10 book chapters, 40 journal papers, 350 conference papers.

Selected publications



  • Prof. Dirk SLOCK was elected "EURASIP Fellow" in 2015
  • In January 2006, he was elected IEEE FELLOW «for contributions to adaptive filtering and signal processing for wireless communications» 
  • He received one Best Journal Paper Award from the IEEE-SP and one from EURASIP in 1992
  • He is the coauthor of two IEEE Globecom 98 and one IEEE SPAWC 2005, Best Student Paper Awards