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Eurecom - Digital Security 
Full Professor
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  • He taught several courses on network security, applied cryptography, protocols and networking at EURECOM.
  • He is currently responsible for the Security track and the Master of Science in Communications and Computer Security at EURECOM.
  • He also taught security and applied cryptography courses at the doctoral school on communications and in the postgraduate program at EPFL, in the networking and multimedia department of TELECOM Bretagne.
  • He held several continued education sessions on network security with industrial companies such as IBM, HP and as part of the Cap-sesa Institut professional education seminars.

My courses

  • SecAppli / Spring 2019 - Security applications in networking and distributed systems

    This course presents the main applications of secure communication mechanisms in the area of computer networks and distributed systems. The course covers network security approaches based on firewalls, cryptographic security protocol suites designed for the data exchange and network control components of Internet, wireless security protocols, and security solutions for mobile network architectures.

    Teaching and Learning Methods : Lectures and Lab sessions

    Course Policies : Attendance to Lab sessions is mandatory.

  • SecCom / Fall 2018 - Secure communications

    This course provides a broad introduction to cryptography and communication security mechanisms based on cryptography. The course covers fundamental aspects such as security evaluation criteria and the mathematical constructs underlying cryptographic primitives as well as applied aspects like the design of major encryption and hashing algorithms, details of security mechanisms relying on cryptography such as data encryption, integrity, digital signature, authentication,  key management, and public-key infrastructures.

    Teaching and Learning Methods : Lectures and Lab sessions

    Course Policies : Attendance to Lab sessions is mandatory.



  • Best Paper Award with Mehdi Khalfaoui, SENSORCOMM 2011, "Privacy preserving products tracking in clustered supply chain"
  • Best Student Paper Award with Alessandro Sorniotti, IFIP SEC 2009, "A provably secure secret handshake with dynamic controlled matching"
  • Runners-up Awards for IEEE ICWS 2006. Refik Molva, Frédéric Montagut "Augmenting Web Services Composition with Transactional Requirements"
  • IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award (1989)
  • IBM Research Division Award (1988)