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Leucio Antonio CUTILLO

Leucio Antonio CUTILLO
Leucio Antonio CUTILLO
Eurecom - Digital Security 
Phd Student ( 2008 - 2012)



  • Leucio Antonio Cutillo received his Master of Science in Computer Engineering from the Polytechnico di Torino in July 2008 after having received, in September 2007, his Communication Systems Engineering Diploma from EURECOM and his Master Research in Image and Geometry for Multimedia and Life Modelization from TELECOM ParisTech.
  • During his MS and MR thesis he leaded The Automatic Cameraman Project at IDIAP Research Centre in Martingy, Switzerland, dealing with artificial intelligence in computer vision.
  • He is currently taking his Ph.D. at EURECOM in the Networking and Security department with the european Socialnets project under the supervision of Prof. Refik Molva.
  • During this time he will deal with problems related to security and privacy in these new generation networks.