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  • He is currently Professor within the Department Digital Security where he teaches software development.

My courses

  • Forensics / Spring 2018 - Cyber-crime and Computer Forensics

    • This course serves as a continuation of System and Network Security. The idea is to present different approaches to analyse and detect malware and to deal with compromised machines.
    • Because the class will feature a number of programming exercises, students are required to have programming experience.

  • SoftDev / Fall 2017 - Software development methodologies


     This course covers a variety of topics, all related to the use and   management of a Linux operating system. In particular, the course   is divided in three parts dedicated respectively to the command-line,  to the Python programming language, and to maintaining, compiling, and  installing applications.
    Teaching and Learning Methods
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  • In April 2017, he reveived with his co-authors (Onur Catakoglu and Marco Balduzzi) the Best Paper Award for their article "Attacks landscape in the dark side of the web" (SAC 2017).

  • In 2016, he received with his co-authors the "ACM Europe Student Best Paper Award" for the article "PhishEye: Live Monitoring of Sandboxed Phishing Kits" (CCS 2016)

  • In 2013, he received with his co-authors the Best Student Paper Award for the article: "Implementation and implications of a stealth hard-drive backdoor" (ACSAC 2013).

  • In 2011, he had been awarded the Distinguished Paper Award for the article "Automated discovery of parameter pollution vulnerabilities in web-applications".