Graduate School and Research Center in Digital Sciences




It allows the school to establish relations with international academic and industrial partners, whether private or public.

It offers an opportunity to train engineers and to carry out research while keeping the status of a private institution.

It gives EURECOM the advantage of being a small and very proactive organization while fostering the teaching and research program for the entire benefit of its partners and students.




The Consortium was founded in October 1991 for a period of 99 years.

  • The founding members (or members of the 1st group) largely contribute to financing the school and defining the main strategies.
  • The industrial members (or members of the 2nd group) are an integral part of the Consortium at a lower financial level. They give a direction to the teaching and research program based on the needs of business.
  • The academic members (or members of the 3rd group) are international universities whose students come to EURECOM to carry out part of their studies while receiving their diplomas from their school of origin. These academic members contribute to the financing of EURECOM at the same level as the industrial members.
  • Institutional members (or members of the 4th group) : Even though no institution has joined EURECOM, the Consortium by-laws provide for their participation at the same level as members of the 2nd and 3rd groups.