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  • Database systems implementation

My courses

  • DBSys / Fall 2020 - Database Management System Implementation

    This course covers the implementation of database systems by addressing the main topics, including data storage, indexing, querying; query optimization and execution; concurrency control and transaction management.

    The purpose of the course is to become familiar with the principles and the ideas behind established techniques for handling data at scale. Students will implement classic and cutting-edge database systems methods in three projects. Projects represent the biggest chunk of this course. The projects require extending the functionality of a data management system in order to support novel features. In at least one the projects, students will also write a technical report that describes and experimentally evaluates the built system.

    The course is complemented by lab sessions to guide students through the design and validation of the methods developed duringthe lectures.

    Teaching and Learning Methods: Lectures and Lab sessions (preferably one student per group).

    Course Policies : 

    Students are expected to do their own assigned work. If it is determined that a student has engaged in any form of academic dishonesty, he or she may fail the course and additional sanctions according to Eurecom's policies.



  • In 2020, he reveives one of the Google Faculty Research Awards 2019-2020 in the "Structured Data" category
  • Distinguished Reviewer Award for VLDB 2019
  • Distinguished Reviewer Award for VLDB 2018

  • Best Demo Award for "DataXFormer: An Interactive Data Transformation Tool" (SIGMOD 2015)

  • Google Faculty Research Award, Fall 2015