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Nicholas EVANS

Nicholas EVANS
Nicholas EVANS
Eurecom - Digital Security 
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  • MEng (Hons) in Electronics and Computing Science, University of Wales Swansea, 1999

  • Ph.D. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Wales Swansea, 2003

  • Nick Evans has defended his HDR (french appellation for "Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches") in 2015


  • His PhD studies were sponsored by one of the world's leading mobile telecommunications providers and he has been actively involved in a number of collaborative research projects at local, national, European and international levels with SMEs, multinationals and government agencies.
  • His current activities in acoustic echo cancellation and speech enhancement are supported by one of the world's leading industrials in embedded mobile solutions.



  • Best System Award IberSpeech 2018 Albayzin Challenges - Speaker Diarization Open Condition with Patino, Jose; Delgado, Héctor; Yin, Ruiqing; Bredin, Hervé; Barras; Claude; Evans, Nicholas, ODESSA at Albayzin speaker diarization challenge 2018 (IBERSPEECH 2018)

  • In June 2016, he has received with his co-authors Massimiliano Todisco and Hector Delgado, the Best Paper Award for their paper "A new feature for automatic speaker verification anti-spoofing: Constant Q cepstral coefficients" (Odyssey 2016).

  • In Novembre 2013, he has received with his co-authors Xuran Zhao and Jean-Luc Dugelay, the Best Student Paper Award for the article "Unsupervised multi-view dimensionality reduction with application to audio-visual speaker retrieval".

  • He was elected to the IEEE Speech and Language Technical Committee in 2013.