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LIVE FROM EURECOM - APRIL 2016 21-04-2016

Data Science, Digital Security, Communication Systems:  EURECOM's three key research areas

In its quest for excellence, EURECOM strives to identify the emerging topics to guide its pioneering research and to continue innovating.  EURECOM's research departments were restructured at the beginning of the year to increase our level of response to the challenges of the digital economy and the changes in our society.  Our ambition is to bring together teams boasting strong critical mass in key promising and buoyant scientific sectors. 


EURECOM’s research teams are always organized around three departments:

- Digital Security Dept., headed by Professor Refik Molva

- Data Science Dept., headed by Professor Pietro Michiardi

- Communication Systems Dept., headed by Professor David Gesbert



An AXA Research Chair to Maurizio Filippone

Maurizio Filippone, assistant professor at EURECOM's new Data Science Department has just been awarded a chair for his “New Computational Approaches to Risk Modeling”.  The chair is financed by the AXA Research Fund.

The AXA Chair project proposes fundamental contributions at the interface between computational and statistical sciences to address the challenges associated with risk quantification in environmental and life sciences. AXA's funds will finance a research team dedicated to these topics. 



1st Ex-Aequo prize for the best Internship from Fondation Telecom

Suzanne Shoaraee, a student of the Class of 2015, received the 1st ex-aequo prize for her paper on "Advanced Verification of ARM Processors" in the best intership competition organized by Fondation Télécom.  Held on March 24th, the ceremony showcased the high-level topics presented by students from Institut Mines Télécom graduate schools.



2d prize for Best Thesis from Telecom ParisTech 

The 2016 jury awarded the Télécom ParisTech Thesis Prize to three young PhDs on March 25th for the scientific and societal impact of their work.  Martina Cardone, who wrote her thesis under the supervision of Professor Raymond Knopp and Professor Daniela Tuninetti (University of Illinois, Chicago) received 2d prize for her thesis on "Cooperation Strategies for Next Generation Cellular Systems". Congratulations to Martina and her professors!
Martina also received the prestigious "Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship" in 2014 for her innovative work on "Relay-Assisted Mobile Downlink Channels".



Monaco, sponsor of the 25th class of engineers

On March 10th, Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development, met with the Class of 2017 which is sponsored by her country, the Principality of Monaco. At EURECOM's campus, Ms Gramaglia highlighted the wealth that this Class's cultural diversity represents with its 31 nationalities, and she reminded us of the cooperation initiated as early as 2009 with Monaco Telecom and which is furthered today with this Class's sponsoring.  A program of activities is being developed for students in collaboration with Monaco's Department of Electronic Communications.

See the video (in French)




Adlen Ksentini joins EURECOM as Assistant Professor

Adlen, tell us about you:

"After my PhD at the University of Cergy-Pontoise (Paris) on wireless networks, I had the opportunity to get an assistant professorship at the University of Rennes 1, and I continued my research on wireless and mobile networks where I witnessed the evolution from GSM to 5G. My experience and knowledge in network virtualization will be very useful to EURECOM's research on mobile network evolution towards 5G. I will work on the implementation of flexible and dynamic SDN and NFV-based networks with mobile edge computing (MEC) capacities.  However, several barriers need to be removed to reach softwarization, such as reliability, scalability, and resource management. I am very happy to work on these topics in the Communication Systems Department through collaboration with field experts and the use of the OpenAirInterface platform to test my solutions."



2016 BMW Summer School

EURECOM, the R&D Division of BMW, and the Technical University of Munich, with the support of the French-Bavarian University Cooperation Center are organizing a summer university for doctoral students and young researchers on "The Car as Service—Creating Tomorrow’s Smart Mobility Service Platform".  This will take place in Lake Tegernsee, South of Munich, on July 18-23, 2016. The goal is to create a forum for key industrial and academic experts in connected mobility to exchange on the organization of personal mobility and on how to intelligently offer multiple digital services.

The program will feature speakers from the industry and prestigious universities such as Allianz, MIT, BMW Group, DriveNow, NEC, TUM, Nvidia, IBM, Allyapp, EURECOM, or IMDEA.

Program and registration







Alumni reunion at EURECOM on June 4th

EURECOM is inviting its alumni  for a reunion day on June 4th in Sophia Antipolis.  The program will feature a mix of presentations, visits, meetings with faculty and staff and current students, as well as leisure activities and networking sessions. 

Program and registration



EURECOM Represented at the "Nice Marathon"

The Nice Marathon was a success for EURECOM's running club which had students competing in various events, such as the 10km run and the semi-marathon. Overall, about 4,000 participants competed in this international event. The best time of the EURECOM student was 1h, 32mn, and 26s, which placed him in 340th overall. A successful first participation sponsored by the Class patron, the Principality of Monaco.



The New Class of the Telecom Management EMBA Program at EURECOM

EURECOM received the students from Télécom Management's EMBA program for their first week of school: classes by experts, meetings with local businesses, team-building sessions, and cultural visits were scheduled during their time at EURECOM. 



They successfully defended their thesis!

  • Xiaohu WU : "​​Techniques for scheduling and pricing in cloud computing". Advisor : Patrick LOISEAU

  • Chiara GALDI : “Design and development of multi-biometric systems”. Advisor : Jean-Luc DUGELAY 

  • Pasquale PUZIO : “Deduplication of Encrypted Data in Cloud Computing “. Advisor : Refik MOLVA 

  • Jose Luis REDONDO GARCIA : “Semantically Capturing and Representing Contextualized News Stories on the Web”. Advisor : Raphaël TRONCY 

  • Qianrui LI : “Decentralized Transmitter Cooperation and Signal Processing with Limited Feedback and Backhaul”. Advisor : David GESBERT

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