Graduate School and Research Center in Digital Sciences

EURECOM has three fundamental missions



The heart of EURECOM is its research activities which focus on three areas:

Two of TELECOM ParisTech research labs are associated with the research activity:


EURECOM's curriculum is the equivalent of the final 24-month cycle of a “master” of communications systems engineering program. Masters of Science are offered to foreign students whose schools of origin are not among EURECOM’s partners.


Students who wish to acquire an additional degree, to prepare their thesis in France or to further study a subject area can apply for a doctorate.

Continuing Education

EURECOM offers to review the training needs of its members and its partner businesses and to set up a personalized program.


EURECOM offers expertise and/or consulting by its professors.

Support to Business Creation

EURECOM has also developed a genuine policy to support business creation and regularly houses new start-ups.