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  • You can open a VPN connection to the EURECOM infrastructure throuth our two main VPNs (BOTH REQUIRE THE RSA TOKEN) :
    • You can use the SSL VPN from any computer, this will allow you to access specific internal resources such as intranets, files etc...
      • The documentation for the Staff SSL VPN is available here.
      • The documentation for the Student SSL VPN is available here.  
    • You can use the IPSec VPN if you are using a EURECOM laptop on which the dedicated application has been installed (only for members of the IPSec Users). This VPN will give you a full "network" access to the EURECOM infrastructure.



  • Staff members can use the "virtual desktop" service in order to access most of the internal services except emails (files, erp, notilus, library, econgé, office). Using this service you interract from any computer in the world with a virtual computer running inside the EURECOM infrastructure. (THE "virtual desktop" REQUIRES THE RSA TOKEN
    • The documentation for the Staff SSL VPN is available here.




  • You may access your mails using :
    • The webmail
    • the SMPTS and IMAPS external servers from your personnal email client (see intranet).



  • In order to be able to connect to most of the internal applications of Eurecom you use a RSA Passcode. If you don't have a RSA key please contact the IT support to get one.
  • A RSA passcode is composed of :
    • a secret that you should know (the pin code)
    • a secret written on the RSA token that changes every minute.
  • Your pin code is generated at your first login: when you use RSA token for the first time on the SSL VPN, as you do not have your pin code yet, just give the number shown on the RSA token as passcode: the system will automatically give you your pin code and ask you to retype both (pin+token) in order to verify that you get it right. This process is described in the First usage of RSA token . Be careful to memorize your pin code since it is mandatory to logon.
  • Please note that :
    • This PIN code is personal and mustn’t be known by anyone else than you. If you suspect it’s not the case, just contact Eurecom IT staff who will re initialize the token.
    • The PIN code is given to you only once using the SSL VPN: you must remember it to be able to connect again (on any external service that requires a RSA passcode)..
  • Every staff member and EURECOM's student can have a RSA SecurID device. The requested form is available from office 103.



  • Thanks to eduroam, students, staff and researchers can access internet using a secured wireless connection when visiting other participating institutions by using their usual UNIX credential.
  • eduroam service in Europe is a confederated service that involves hundreds of institutions. And you can also have eduroam access in the Asia-Pacific region, Canada and USA. You can find the list of all French members at this web site: This site gives you access to foreign federations.
  • Any eduroam user should respect :

Eduroam for visitors

  • Visitors from other institutions can connect to the internet at EURECOM by using their home institution credential. eduroam may be operational in parallel with other Wireless infrastructure.
  • eduroam visitors can use EURECOM network. To do so, they have to connect to eduroam SSID and use their home site wireless setup. If they are facing issues connecting to eduroam at EURECOM; any helpdesk is provided by their home institution.



Eduroam for EURECOM users

  • EURECOM staff moving to another site that is an eduroam member can connect to the internet by using the eduroam wireless network (using network name/SSID "eduroam") and their usual EURECOM account. You also don’t need to ask anything to the visited IT service in order to access the internet.
  • eduroam allows to connect to wireless internet with a roaming authentication infrastructure. You need to check that the institution you want to visit is an eduroam member.
  • You need to setup your wireless connection before you leave EURECOM. You need to setup a high security level in order to connect to eduroam. WPA2-AES encryption is required. Users authentication is performed via SSL tunnel, with server authentication from the client. Supported methods, depending on the client OS ,are EAP/TTLS (Tunneled Transport Layer Security) and EAP/PEAP.
  • The EAP/TTLS standard has been selected to authenticate clients on the network. This standard is embedded inside Mac and Linux OS but a supplicant is mandatory for Windows OS.
  • See available documentation of EURECOM’s intranet.
  • If you are facing any connection issue while you are moving to another site, contact EURECOM IT support. Please don’t ask any support to the visited site: contact EURECOM support : eduroam at





This page is mostly devoted to EURECOM users while they are outside of EURECOM.

It presents tools available for accessing EURECOM infrastructure and information from outside.

VPN Staff User's Guide

VPN Student User's Guide

Desktop User's Guide

RSA token (first use)